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Tire Rubber Crumb

Tire Rubber Crumb is made of scrapped TBR (Truck and Bus radial tires). As per the buyer’s request, we can provide the sizes from 2 meshes upto 120 meshes.
  • 5~120 meshes
  • Shilong

Reference Photo of Tire Rubber Crumb

Crumb Rubber , rubber powder


Tire Rubber Crumb Specification

 Crumb rubber specification

Application Examples

  • Auto industry (Tires, vibration absorbing material, shock absorber)

  • Rubber Products (safety cushion, road isolation barrier, rubber tube, rubber plate, rubber sole)

  • Athletic sports ground surface material (court, prefabricated rubber running track)

  • Road engineering and bituminous road surfacing (to be mixed with asphalt and be used for surfacing roads or sleeper of railway or underground railway)

  • Building materials (rubber tiles, rubber floor brick, water proof coil, vibration proof foundation applied in construction)

  • Agricultural use (pavement of stock farm etc.)

TDF Tire Derived Fuel rubber chips Application.jpg

Rubber Mulch, tire shreds.jpg

Rubber Granules, tire shreds.jpg

Crumb Rubber, Rubber Powder application


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